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What You Ought To Know About Select Comfort Beds

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If you’re considering the purchase of a Sleep Number Air Bed, your first place to look will naturally be the Select Comfort mattress company.

If you’re thinking about buying an adjustable Sleep Number air bed, you’ll need to order through Select Comfort – the manufacturers of the Sleep Number bed systems. With 478 retail locations and over 9 the latest models of and styles, Select Comfort may be the country’s biggest supplier of adjustable air mattresses.

Keep reading for a synopsis of the Sleep Number air mattress, including different models, price points and information on where to find the best deals on your own air bed system.

Product Overview and Highlighted Features

The highlight of the Sleep Number air bed is that it allows each individual sleeper to control the firmness level of their very own side. Instead of compromising on your own sleep surface, you can make adjustments as you wish.

Sleepers set their “Sleep Number” using a remote control that increases or decreases their number. The higher the number, the more firm the bed and the lower the number, the softer it’ll be. There are two remotes, each controlling a separate air bladder compartment on either side of the bed.

Select Comfort also offers consumers a 30-night trial guarantee, allowing you to try out the Sleep Number system for a month in your house. If, within the trial period, you decide you don’t like it, you can get back it for a full refund without questions asked.

Makes and Styles

There are 6 makes of the Sleep Number Air Bed. Their product line starts with the Sleep Number 3000 and continues up to the Sleep Number 9000, the company’s advertised luxury model mattress.

The major difference between the optional styles and price ranges are the forms of fabrics used, whether the mattress includes a pillow top and the technology level of the remote control. For example, the basic 3000 model uses an analog remote control while the 4000 and higher use a digital remote. (On this, many people won’t care a proven way or the other. )

How Much Does a Sleep Number Air Bed Cost,

A Sleep number air bed can cost from $450 to $4600, depending on the size, model number and included accessories.

Where to Buy

The first place most consumers go to buy a Select Comfort Sleep Number Air Bed is the company’s website or by calling their direct sales and customer service line at 1-888-411-2188. Look online for accessory specials on products such as pillows and bedding.

Customers also have the option of trying or buying a Sleep Number Air Bed at one of the over 475 Select Comfort retail stores across the United States and Canada. Financing can be an available option.

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