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The Best Kind Of Memory Foam Mattress

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Despite the marketing blitz, especially around the holidays, the best option for a new memory foam mattress is not the particular brand of memory mattress. There are a variety other choices that offer superior functions at a much more affordable price.

Eco Appeal:
Did you know that most foam is made entirely from petroleum-derived items, This gives you a product that works perfectly, but with a large carbon footprint, is made of a non-renewable resource and is susceptible to off gassing. Off gassing may be the gradual release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other unpleasant smells. Some memory foam will leach these types of unpleasant odors and dangerous chemical substances for 3 months or longer.

There are two main reasons that “old-line” memory foam does this. The chemical substances with which it is made, petroleum substances, as discussed above, and the method the material is formed. Closed-cell foam traps billions of tiny air flow bubbles in the structure of the polyurethane foam. This exacerbates the problem of off-gassing. When you lay on the mattress, the trapped bubbles are deformed, this gives the foam its well-known feel, but some of the trapped air flow is also squeezed out. This enables the trapped VOCs and production by products to seep towards the surface, and into your body while you sleep.

Eco-friendly memory foam mattresses conquer many of these issues. Using soy-based polyoil overcomes the dependence on non-renewable oil. Although the soy oil are not able to replace all the petroleum oil necessary to make memory material, it can change much of it and help the particular material to be a much more carbon natural product.

Open-cell memory foam design helps prevent the way the mattress is manufactured from capturing as much of the by-product gas which is generated in the creation of the bed mattress. Open cellular structure allows that will mattress to air-out much faster, normally a matter of hours (days in the most) as opposed to waiting months for the mattress to stop smelling.

While buying eco-friendly and sustainable items is a noble aspiration for many people, it is not always possible to afford all of them. If the sustainably produced product is not comparably priced, then it will be doomed to relegation as a market item. Fortunately this is not case along with eco-friendly memory mattresses. Many of the very most popular memory foam mattresses can cost $4000 or more! Some of the most expensive Eco Memory Foam options available cost $2500 at most, while many Eco Memory Foam offerings can be purchased for much less.

The Anatomic Global (formerly Ecomfort) bed mattress is one of the best choices for well-made environmentally friendly memory foam. Combining excellent mattress building with soy-based oil makes for among the finest, and most affordable memory mattresses on the market today. Anatomic Global beds are certainly not prone to off gassing, due to their open up cell foam construction and rest cooler.

The closed cell polyurethane foam that I mentioned above has the unfortunate complication of acting like a heat capture as you sleep. Many people discover their tempur-style mattress to be unbearably hot, especially in the summertime. Anatomic Global EcoMemoryFoam, with its open cell construction is up to 900% more breathable when compared to memory foam and sleeps much much cooler. The cost of the Anatomic Global Eco Series 1 memory bed mattress is only $1299 for a queen dimension. If cost is your only problem, there are other options. The Eco Saver and Slumber Saver memory beds are available for as low as $359. 99.

No matter what criteria you are using to choose your new memory foam mattress, there are options available to meet your requirements. Whether your concern is cost, eco appeal or sleep convenience, there are choices beyond what is marketed, and overpriced, on TV. With a bit of research, you too can find the bed mattress of your dreams.

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