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Natural Latex Has Less Initial Smell

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There are two varieties of latex, natural and synthetic.

Natural latex is made 100% from your sap of a rubber tree. Natural latex has less initial odor, more durability and bounce, plus greater cooling abilities. However, organic latex is more expensive than artificial latex.

Synthetic latex is made simply by lending natural sap with a man-made rubber polymer. Synthetic latex generally isn’t as durable as normal latex, and is slightly less bouncy. However, it still feels plus performs in a very similar way to organic latex, and it can be hard to inform the difference. Most importantly, synthetic latex is much cheaper than all-natural latex. Collecting enough sap to produce sufficient foam is very expensive, so mixed or synthetic latex are a method to make latex mattresses affordable for everybody.

Types of Latex Foam

Just like there are types of latex, additionally, there are types of latex foam. As an item, latex foam comes in two major forms, Dunlop or Talalay. Each process has the same satisfaction rankings, but has slightly different features.

  • Dunlop Latex is made by flowing the raw material into a form until it is full. this generates one complete piece of latex polyurethane foam. The mold process in Dunlop latex means that the material forms on the bottom of the mold, therefore one end of the mattress may feel firmer than the other part. This difference in consistency will be the biggest issue with Dunlop latex polyurethane foam.
  • Talalay Latex is made simply by pouring a small amount of latex into the mildew and then extracting the air. The consequence of this process is an open-cell structure. The latex is then flash iced and dived into sections which are glued together to create the final type.

Our guide to cool beds has some more information about open-cell foams, but the important thing is that the open-cell style allows for more airflow and air permeability for the mattress, helping it to remain cool and dry.

Another procedure that is relatively new is the constant process. It is related to Talalay, yet uses a conveyor instead of a mold to produce the form. This gets rid of the stitches, while being more consistent compared to Dunlop.

This is probably one of the most typical questions that we get, what are the variations between latex and memory foam,

We’ve answered this question in some fine detail in our discussion of the benefits of latex foam, so we’d like to tackle when you should get a latex polyurethane foam mattress and when a memory foam mattress will be better for you.

Latex Foam is Better for You If�

One of the main reasons to get a latex bed mattress is that it offers many of the same characteristics of memory foam, but in a much less intense fashion. You still obtain hug and contour, but the contours is more general and not as limited against your body, and the hug isn’t as sharp as memory foam. If you like hug and contour yet feel like you’re sinking on foam, then latex is the best choice to suit your needs.

Latex is also the best choice if you rest hot and are concerned with having an awesome mattress. Latex is more breathable plus doesn’t grip your body as firmly. That means heat can be removed faster. Moreover, latex doesn’t keep as much heat as memory foam.

Finally, Latex is the choice for you if you would like foam, but you also want jump. Memory foam can’t provide the exact same bounce you get from latex, as well as the extra bounce is helpful for getting directly into and out of bed, standing up from the sitting position, and adult

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