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If You’re Not Thinking Organic, You Should Be

Posted on August 23, 2018 By

Recently there is a great deal of controversy concerning crib beds, as there have been several studies within the last couple of years that have proved the likelihood of a web link between crib mattresses and SIDS.

Though many people, especially those within government and large corporate workplaces, would like to sweep this crib bed mattress controversy under the rug, the evidence there is a link between crib mattresses plus SIDS, along with many other childhood health problems, is very compelling-compelling enough that brand new parents are now advised by their pediatricians to place their infants on their shells to sleep.

Why, So they will not breathe in and become ill from the poisonous fumes emitted from the crib beds.

Toxic gases from baby crib mattresses is a chilling thought, yet one that is all too real. Typical crib mattresses today are too frequently made with materials comprised of the least expensive petroleum-based parts possible. The synthetic substances these parts are made from affect virtually every aspect of a crib mattress, from your coils to the cover to the polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane foam, benzene, vinyl (PVC), and flame retardants are just some of the components in crib mattresses which are known to contain and emit poisonous chemicals. Benzene alone carries not just the threat of harmful results on bone marrow and a reduction in red blood cells which can cause anemia, but additionally increases the risk for cancer, especially leukemia and other cancers of internal organs which process blood.

Other risks from toxic chemical emissions within crib mattresses are allergies plus overall ill health and lethargy within children. Also, many childhood problems are believed to have a link to baby crib mattresses. Some of these disorders consist of asthma, ADD/ADHD, and more seriously, maybe, autism.

Considering that an infant usually spends up to sixteen hours a day in the or her bed, the risks plus threats contained in today’s typical baby crib mattress are too serious to disregard.

So what is the solution,

Organic crib mattresses provide the best option. Though some experts say that wrap a crib mattress in a specific type of plastic (which is a bit difficult and which physicians are suspicious of as well) or utilizing an organic crib cover is sufficient to safeguard your child from toxic chemical smells, your child’s health is just too important to unintentionally avoid such an important part of his or her younger life.

Organic crib mattresses are produced from materials that do not carry the poisonous chemical dangers found in conventional beds. And fortunately as people have be environmentally aware, it is much easier to discover and purchase an organic crib mattress than in the past.

This is good news for all brand new parents or parents-to-be who curently have so many worries on their plates. Thanks to cutting-edge research and businesses that were willing to put that study to use developing totally safe natural crib mattresses, their child’s baby crib mattress shouldn’t and doesn’t have to become one of those worries-and that means everyone sleeps better at night.

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