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Four Dirty Bedroom Activities That Can Affect Your Health

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Now that’s a catchy headline, right, But it’s probably not what you’re considering fortunately. We use our rooms for a ton of reasons : with sleeping representing the majority of the time. But in between sleeps, all of us use our bedrooms for many, a number of other things. And believe it or not, those actions could be hurting ourselves and the families. Check out these 5 popular bedroom activities medianet_height= ‘280’; medianet_crid=’124211550′;
Now that’s a catchy topic, right, But it’s most likely not what you’re thinking fortunately. We use our bedrooms for a lot of reasons – with resting representing the majority of our time. But in between sleeps, we use the bedrooms for many, many other things. And believe it or not, those activities could be harming ourselves and our families. Check out these five popular bed room activities & how they could influence our overall health & well-being.

1. The Midnight Snack. You know most likely guilty! Just about everyone sneaks a late night snack or morning hours breakfast into their bed every now and then. But did you know that those tiny, little breadcrumbs may actually turn into bugs, Dust mites love your tiny, little left over spots and you can bet they’ll feed from them. Dust mites causes all kinds of health problems, including allergies and the common cold. So the best medicine is to simply eat your food at a table. But if you must, make sure you wash your own bedding and mattress at least once every single two weeks.

2 . Bedtime Work. Many people can’t live without their particular laptops nowadays. It probably appears harmless and it usually is : but using your laptop in bed might lead to some serious problems. For a single, it’s a tremendous fire hazard. There have reports of homes being totally destroyed due to a running laptop. In some cases, the laptops were remaining on in the bed because somebody fell asleep. I know it seems not possible but it has happened before. Plus, laptops in bed are a strangle risk for small children. So if your children sleep with you – do not occurs laptop in bed.

3. The Unwashed Bed. I mentioned it previously in tip#1. But it’s essential that it requires its own listing. Did you know that average person only flushes their bedding six times each year, That’s roughly once every 8 weeks. Our skin (both human plus pet) tends to fall off whenever we’re sleeping. Those little pores and skin cells may be invisible to all of us but they are the origins for many varieties of nasty organisms. And yes, you may not see the nasty organisms either. But your nose, ears and neck can feel them and that’s the number of allergies are borne. So pay attention to this warning – wash your own bedding at least every two weeks. It’s vital for your family’s health!

four. Dirty Laundry Pile. Many individuals have a hamper inside their bedrooms. Many teenagers forego the hamper and just use their bed or flooring as a storage facility for filthy laundry. But did you know that dirty laundry washing actually contains live bugs, Those bugs grow very fast when coupled with a dark environment. Ever heard about E. Coli or Staph, Those are the two most common bacteria discovered inside dirty laundry hampers. And for those of you that don’t know that regarding E. Coli or Staph : just trust me when I tell you they can cause some serious viruses plus diseases. What should you do, For one, work hard to get your kids to clean their clothes on a regular basis. Studies have demostrated that teenagers simply neglect laundry washing duties. Also, get the hamper beyond your bedroom and inside your laundry washing room. This will contain almost everything to just one room. Then, you are able to solidify your laundry room simply by keeping the air and environment thoroughly clean using antibacterial sprays and baby wipes.

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